Admissions & Fee

• Admission is open to all, regardless of caste, color or creed.
• Advance registration for admission and/or provisional reservation of a seat in the hostel can be done at any time of the year for any academic year by remitting the registration fee.
• Registration fee is neither refundable nor transferable and stands forfeited if the student fails to turn up for the entrance test and/or admission.
• Registration entitles an applicant only to appear in the entrance test and  does not guarantee admission to the school.
• The school reserves the right to admit an applicant in the class in which admission is sought.
• Students registered for admission are required to appear in the entrance  tests, which are held in the month of March and October. The entrance  tests in English and Mathematics are of one-hour duration each. Other  details about the test are intimated to the parents by registered post or  email. (Question papers, set for the entrance tests held during the previous  years are not provided.) On registration of the child, the syllabi for the  entrance test will be provided.
• The registration of the may also be done online after which the syllabi for  the entrance test will be sent to the parents. The entrance test cannot be  done online and the will have to appear in person in the school on the  stipulated date to do the test.
• In some schools in the plains, the annual promotion examination is held  during the month of March/April. On account of this, if a student cannot  take the entrance exam in the second week of March, he/she may be  allowed to take the test on an alternative date, provided the concerned  parents apply for the same at the time of registering the child.
• Students seeking admission to classes Nursery and KG are tested orally   only.
• Admission to the school will be granted provisionally only after the  entrance test and the same will be finalized only after the following  documents are submitted at the time of admission:

Documents required for Admission
• For Class Nursery: Birth Certificate, in the original (for reference only)
• For Classes KG. to IX :
Copy of birth Certificate, duly attested.
Copy of previous year’s progress report card.
Transfer Certificate in original once the student clears his/ her final examinations
Copy of Aadhar Card of both the parents and the student.
Copy of PAN Card of the parents.

• CONDITIONAL AND PROVISIONAL ADMISSION TO CLASS XI CLOSES ON APRIL 15 . Initially, conditional and provisional admission to this class is granted on the basis of his/her result in the last Class X School examination in the School
which he/she attended last and will be finalized only when his/her ICSE (X) or CBSE (X) or High School Board Examination result is declared and that too, only if he/she obtains the minimum required percentage of marks, as stated above.
• Candidates appearing for the Class X examination should have been on the rolls of this school for two years i.e.Class IX and Class X.

Admission Form:

Admission Form

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Fee Structure:

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Boarders Fee(Indian)

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