As a parent, choosing a boarding school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. You want her/him to feel safe and supported in an environment that will offer love, care and guidance in your stead.

At Mussoorie Public School, we aim to provide a secure and homely experience where students can both live and study in a calm and happy atmosphere. We encourage regular communication between home and school to ensure that everyone is aware of individual needs.

Our daily programme is structured around dedicated work and relaxation time, allowing for diversity of activity in the evenings and at weekends.

There are many clear benefits to boarding, including:

  • Boarding helps to provide a sense of belonging to each and every student and leads to the development of strong, lifelong friendships.
  • Through the boarding experience, students are encouraged to show tolerance and understanding towards others, instilling both cultural awareness and a respect for others.
  • Character-building values such as selflessness, humility, kindness and sportsmanship are taught and encouraged.
  • Boarding offers a first taste of independence and builds confidence, self-motivation and responsibility.
  • On a practical level, reduced travel time at either end of the day can be used much more productively for both academic and extra-curricular endeavours.
  • Supervised and highly structured prep time enhances each student’s private study.